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Studio City, CA



Sam Rea, Founder of Earthess Wellness
CA Certified Massage Therapist, CMT

Psychosythesis Life Coach

Wise Womb Practitoner 

Hello Beautiful, My name is Sam Rea. 
I am a Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner, Psychosynthesis Confidence Coach, Massage Therapist, and carry the lineage of my ancestors rooted in Traditional Mexican Medicine. 

I am the founder of Earthess Wellness where I offer online and in person womb, body & mind healing sessions in Studio City, Ca.

It is my greatest joy and mission to support you home to the nourishment of your body temple. I do this work to help Women activate a deeper connection to their body in a safe space and to remind women how sacred, sovereign, whole they truly are.

My Healing Journey 

My healing journey was initiated after the birth of my daughter and painful postpartum recovery where I didn't feel like myself and lost my confidence. After being diagnosed with scoliosis, and living with chronic back pain, hormonal menstrual issues, and breast fibroids, I learned how to nourish my body and womb, transforming my life into living with more balance and connected to my cycle, my intuition, and confidence.


I dedicated my path to womb wellness, embodied movement, and psychosynthesis confidence coaching to help me understand where my pain was really coming from. I learned to work with my chronic pain from an energetic perspective and unravel my subconscious mind blocks that were trapped in my body that were stopping me from how I truly wanted to show up to live my life. Womb healing and unraveling my conscious and subconscious thoughts and patterns has been the pathway to open my creative essence, trust my intuition, feel like the true me, and at home in my body. 


Today, It is my greatest mission to awaken the true essence of all women. I am here to remind women of their magnetism, and deepen their relationship to their body so they can a life of embodied confidence unapologetically.  It is a true honor to support YOU in your journey to blossoming.

The healing session you have been yearning for...
What is a Wise Womb Session?

A heart-centered massage and healing session, focusing on full body & breast, abdominal, ovarian, and external womb massage, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of women's health, in the Wise Womb Way.


In addition to the body healing session, emotional and mindset support is available with psychosynthesis coaching pre or post session for integration or seperetly, available upon request.


Benefits of Lymphatic Breast Massage

  • Reduce Breast Swelling

  • Alleviate Tension

  • Breaks up Benign Cysts

  • Breaks up Fibroids

  • Promotes self love

  • Flush out toxins

  • Sculpts breast tissue

  • Nourishes your feminine energy

  • Stimulates lactation postpartum

  • Maintain breast shape

  • Prevents breast sagging

Benefits of Wise Womb Massage

  • Balance Painful, absent or irregular periods

  • Nourish womb pain, pcos, endo, fibroids, cysts

  • Ease Digestive issues

  • Therapeutic & Calming

  • Support Back pain

  • Miscarriage or postpartum recovery

  • Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Clearing stagnation

  • Embody your feminine essence

  • Cultivate creative energy

  • Feel restful and supported

  • Feel at home in your body


Studio City, CA

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Studio City, CA


"What an experience it is to be touched by Sam's sweet & loving hands. Sam created such a beautiful space, so soft and sacred for healing. The work itself was wonderfully heart-felt and I feel a deep sense of peace within.
Thank you Sam." Ayla Alegra
"One of the most incredible healing experiences I've ever received! Sam's angelic voice, really took me places and her touch was magical. Everything from the drumming in my womb, to the powerfully, heart-opening breast massage, I was in a deeply grounded bliss the entire time. I was feeling a lot of stuckness prior to my session. The next morning, woke up feeling there had been a huge shift and was flooded with creative inspiration again. I'm adding this to my non-negotiable self-care practices." -Hannah Grasso 
"It was a magical session of healing and deepening energy work and manual therapy.  I felt realigned.  I came back home to myself." -Patricia Perez
"Being my first time getting a womb massage I was not sure what to expect, but I knew it was something I wanted to do so I was looking forward to the experience and healing.  Sam talked with me at length prior to the massage and answered all my questions. I felt very calm, relaxed and at ease after my session." -Anita Iverson

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