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With Sam Rea

Rise into the overflow of your feminine power in confidence and stand in your devotion to live your most passionate, & authentic life unapologetically.

Confidence Coaching

What Clients Say

"I feel like my true self has emerged In this safe space with Sam. I have found my voice again and my ability to stand up for myself. I have more energy for my life again. -Emily Gonzalez
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What is inside your 1:1 Coaching Package

Learn self-empowering techniques rooted in psychosynthesis coaching to support your mind, body, and spirit to rewrite limiting beliefs in your subconscious and conscious mind that may be holding you back from living your utmost authentic life and desires.

Redesign your life, your habits, and your beliefs from a place of devotion and deep rooted self-love so that you can stand in your magnetism, courage, and most authentic bad ass version of YOU.

We'll create actionable and step-by-step, custom blueprint to support you into tapping into your highest timeline. Understand how to manage your mind, your nervous system, setting the foundation to your inner world of richness- self esteem, self worth, and self-confidence.

Tap into your power as a feminine energy and stand tall in your values and boundaries, magnetizing the life of your dreams, re-birthing the TRUE YOU- the abundant creator of your life.

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3-6 Month packages available upon request. Please fill out the form below to inquire about your confidence coaching package.

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What Clients Say

"The immense support I have received from Sam has opened me to feeling more brave and in my power. -Melony Myers
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